The unstoppable Polygon unveils Avail and its blockchain interoperability ambitions

Who can stop Polygon? – Polygon is a network scalability solution Ethereum (ETH). However, in parallel with its development, the Polygon teams are developing no less than six different solutions. So, after focusing on rollups, Polygon is now moving into data availability.

A first testnet planned for Polygon Avail

At the beginning of last summer, the teams of Polygon have revealed that they are working on a new blockchain, specializing in the availability of data. Title Polygon Availabilitythis is part of Polygon’s modular vision of the blockchain ecosystem.

According to the latest announcements, a Polygon Avail testnet should be launched during the second quarter of 2022.

So while most blockchains focus on the validity of the data they store, Avail is focused on the availability of that data.

“Avail offers a new architecture that provides a basic consensus layer that only creates agreement on the transaction data and how it is ordered, completely decoupling it from the issue of validity. »

Polygon Announcement

Although at first glance the purpose of Polygon Avail may have lacked clarity, the new Polygon publication details the ambitions of this new blockchain.

In effect, Polygon Avail can be similar to a so-called layer 0 blockchainas Cosmos or Polkadot can be.

With Avail, anyone creating a new blockchain can outsource their consensus layer while retaining full control of their chain: they can fork, upgrade, or modify their chain at will.»

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One more member in the Polyverse

Polygon Avail thus joins the series of solutions developed by Polygon. Indeed, over the past few months, Polygon has unveiled several ongoing projects.

We find in particular, measure, Hermez and ZeroPolygon’s three projects focused on second layer solutions powered by rollups.

Alongside them, we find other projects such as Edge, Nightfall and of course Avail.

Not surprisingly, Polygon aims to link its different solutions to take advantage of the advantages offered by each of them. Thus, the announcement of Polygon Avail was the occasion to announce that the teamsare working closely with the Polygon Hermez team on something cool”. Case to follow.

A few days earlier, Polygon had announced Polygon ID. Thus, this new solution takes advantage of zero-knowledge cryptography to offer decentralized identities.

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