this message can empty your bank account, beware

After having identified the banks, the creators of scam set the bar high. This time, Health Insurance is at the heart of the debates!

When the scam takes hold of Health Insurance!

Since its birth, other countries have been jealous of the performance of the Health Insurance. Indeed, this organization monitors the French like milk on fire. By compensating us in part for the cost of medication, treatment and inconvenience of this ilk, we know we can count on it. Admittedly, employers now have an obligation to participate in their employees’ mutual insurance subscriptions. This is a good thing since the latter will collaborate in the reimbursement in its own way. Be that as it may, if these counterfeiters did not regularly try to update this scam, all would be well in the best of worlds. In this time of pandemic, Objection asks you to be on your guard. Danger is everywhere!

What is Phishing?

Let’s say ” Phishing » in English or « Phishing in the language of Molière, it amounts to the same thing. This scam generally takes the form of a banal email or text message. Where it starts to smell bad is that the sender uses the terms or logos of institutions (Trésor Public, Assurance Maladie, etc.) or famous companies (EDF, the post officeetc.). Their goal is to collect as much secret data as possible. In the case at hand, they exploit arguments such as the ” healthcare reimbursement ” or ” exceptional costs of the Vitale card”. What an imagination… it’s scary!

After completing the form, the victim of the scam does not suspect that his savings will disappear in smoke. Worse still, her identity stolen, she will have serious problems with the Health Insurance. Attentive to preserving its reputation as well as protecting its members, it is sounding the alarm. In official press releases available on the Web, she assures us that she ” never asks for the transmission, by email or SMS, of personal elements (bank details, medical information, social security number, or password) »

After the text messages, beware of the scam in these emails!

Lately, hackers are going even further. The previous technique now seems corny. So they push the envelope by calling their victim directly. By making us believe that they are mandated by the Health Insurance, their job is to help us create an account. And for that, they need our username and password France Login. Dear Objeko reader, if you don’t know this service, know that this is the link to update your papers (gray card, passport, etc.) or to contact the taxes or the health organization. Oops… the scam closes!

Since this kind of scam is multiplying at the speed of light throughout the country, the health insurance technicians are giving us an incredible tip. If you ever have any doubts about the sender of this email, ” position the mouse cursor on the link, without clicking on it, in order to display the address“. Alone health [email protected] is vaild. For the rest, it is probably a fraudulent attempt to get in touch with you or one of your relatives.

One last detail for the road

If ever health insurance advisors call you, they do not have the right to ask for access to your bank account details. If it happens, it’s often the last or first three digits. As for the pseudonym/password combo, it’s even less credible! Now you know how to spot this scam from miles around.

Thank you to our colleagues from Midi-Libre

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