this startup promises 100 km more autonomy thanks to a solar roof

The American startup EV Solar Kits announces the upcoming arrival of a kit to add solar panels to the roof of your Tesla. The interest? These solar panels can significantly extend the range of your car. EV Solar Kits speaks of 60 miles, in other words an additional hundred kilometers. The kit will be marketed, when it is ready, around 5000 dollars.

The kit developed by the startup will initially only be compatible with the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y. But the firm is also developing a more universal kit in parallel to install solar panels on the trunk of almost all electric vehicles. of the market. The startup claims in passing that installing its kits “will not void the Tesla warranty”.

Your Tesla lacks autonomy? This startup’s solar kit could be the solution

The startup is, according to its words, at a relatively advanced stage of the development of its kits. Tests have already been carried out in the Austin region of Texas with beta testers in real conditions – even if the firm refuses for the moment to show the slightest image around these experiments, officially for image reasons (the final design of the panels would not yet be 100% finalized).

It should be noted, however, that the question of the financing of the startup does not yet seem to have been completely resolved. The firm also suggests setting up a crowdfunding campaign in the coming weeks. The company’s solution could, if it keeps its promises, raise a reserve of potential buyers of electric vehicles, at a time when the explosion in the price of gasoline and diesel is pushing many motorists to take the plunge. the electric.

Autonomy remains a sticking point for potential customers, who also fear too long charging times and overcrowded charging stations on their way. The advantage of this solar roof solution is that it seems able to reduce the number of charges you will make each year at a commercial charging station. The panels would also generate enough electricity to bring a real plus on autonomy even for drivers who are in less sunny high latitudes.

“Owners of electric vehicles still suffer from too many constraints, whether from the point of view of autonomy, which is sometimes a source of anxiety, or a question of style. There are just so many variables around buying these types of vehicles it’s the wild west at the moment. I wanted to see if I could try to solve these problems with a product that installs after purchase”explains the founder of EV Solar Kits.

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For the time being, the firm does not give a timetable or a roadmap for the commercialization of these kits – but we should know more during the crowdfunding phase.

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