This Tesla tried to dodge traffic jams, it risked a lot

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Avoiding traffic jams by taking another route, of course that’s a good solution. But trying to avoid traffic jams by simply driving in the opposite lane when it is busy is completely stupid.

And yet, this is what the driver of this Tesla tried by going up the line in the wrong direction. Only here, you can imagine that this could not be done without risk. A few seconds after the start of the video that you can watch below, the 4×4 located just in front of the author of the video found itself facing the famous Tesla!

Fortunately for both of them, the 4×4 showed very good reflexes by changing course and slowing down.

Only then, everyone changed course to let the Tesla pass and the latter then had free rein to continue to free ride. Even if we don’t want an accident, it would have been good for this driver to receive a good lesson.

Normal …

Rather than waiting like everyone else, this motorist thought it would be smarter to go up the queue in the wrong direction… He’s doing really well in this story but he doesn’t deserve it. A good lesson would not have been refused.

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