To facilitate the return to the office, Google offers electric scooters to its employees

Even with an epidemic that has not had its last word, many large companies are in the process of organizing the return to the office of their employees. This is the case of Google, which has provided a small gift for its employees.

Google wants to facilitate the transition of its employees, who have started to return to their desks after several months of working from home. There is indeed apprehension among many of them, who have become attached to the new habits taken at home. To help them, the search engine will offer them an electric scooter.

Google employees ride for free

Google has agreed with the manufacturer Unagi to create a program called “Ride Scoot”, which will concern the group’s American employees. They will be able to obtain reimbursement for the subscription to the Model One, a scooter normally sold for $990, but which can be rented for $49 per month (plus a $50 activation fee). The subscription also includes maintenance and insurance.

Credit: Unagi

Google proposes to pay the price of the subscription plus the expenses, for as many months of use of the travel mode by the employee. However, they will have to subscribe to the formula with the manufacturer. To do this, stands will be set up in the company’s premises, there will also be “demo days” which will allow employees to test the scooter.

However, there is a criterion to be met for employees to be able to benefit from the reimbursement of the subscription: they must make at least 9 trips with the scooter each month. Google will not monitor the movements of its employees, but simply ask them to commit on honor. This offer could make small in other companies, like at Salesforce with whom Unagi has signed the same type of partnership.

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