Toulouse. Pediatric emergencies saturated, the management of the CHU calls for common sense

The pediatric emergency department of the Toulouse University Hospital has observed 50 to 70% more activity for several weeks. (© Toulouse News / Lucie Fraisse)

A appeal to common sense. For several months, the pediatric emergencies of theChildren’s Hospital records “totally abnormal activity” at Toulouse. Isabelle Claudet, head of service at the CHU, is worried about this pressure put on the establishment of Purpan.

“Thursday we had 212 passages of children during the dayit’s been like that since mid-September! This is an abnormal situation with activity 50 to 70% above the usual average. We have, every day, more than 200 passages. »

Covid, flu, gastro…

Several factors have been put forward to explain this constant pressure for more than 6 months. First of all, there is the epidemiological sequence which weighs on the state of the hospital in general. Covid, flu, gastro… epidemics extend over time and weigh on the entire profession and in particular liberal medicine, called upon to unclog the emergency services.

“They too (liberal doctors) are under this generalized pressure. They have fewer slots and some practices close before 8:00 p.m., the start of our hospital stay…”

Isabelle Claudet responsible for pediatric emergencies at the University Hospital of Toulouse


Worried by this situation, Isabelle Claudet advises parents who obtain appointments with their attending physician to wait “as far as possible”.

Even if “the majority of visits are relevant”, pediatric emergencies ask patients to turn to their usual doctor as much as possible. Especially when it comes to weekday visits. “Some people have appointments within 24 or 48 hours, but still come to the emergency room…”

According to the healthcare professional, it is “absolutely necessary to have a nursing home in the Purpan sector. It is the response to the needs of the population. »

“Architecturally, we are not sized to receive so many children, it is a hospital that is over 20 years old…”

Isabelle Claudet responsible for pediatric emergencies at the University Hospital of Toulouse

Tired workforce

Of course, this strong hospital pressure has an impact on the staff of the CHU and pediatric emergencies. “It’s difficult for everyone, saddens Isabelle Claudet. There is a certain physical and psychological exhaustion among the nurses. It’s also complicated for doctors because the situation is tough…”

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“It’s difficult for young professionals. We try to keep them motivated despite this situation… On a daily basis, it becomes really complicated. »

Isabelle Claudet responsible for pediatric emergencies at the University Hospital of Toulouse

According to the practitioner, this physical and psychological fatigue, which already weighs on the workforce, could extend over time with consequences to be expected “in 4 or 5 years”. To avoid additional pressure on their shoulders, the CHU simply asks for… patience.

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