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If you are looking for a solution to store your documents – whether personal or professional – you should probably think about online storage, known as “cloud”. Indeed, this mode of storage has grown impressively for many years now, so much so that today, a large number of suppliers offer this kind of service.

Among them, one of the most widespread is undoubtedly Google Drive. You might have considered it…or maybe you tried it and it disappointed you. In this case, we are going to present you with two quality alternatives to this online storage provider so that you can choose the solution that suits you best.

What is Google Drive, and how could it disappoint you?

You are probably familiar with Google Drive because it is very widely used for online storage. As its name suggests, Google Drive is a tool that is offered by the essential Google. This one is particularly known for its famous search engine but also for its instant messaging service Gmail, or Google Docs and Google Calendar.

But at the level of online storage, you will see that even if this supplier is very widespread, it is not necessarily the most qualitative that exists. Indeed, Google Drive makes it possible to store all kinds of documents and to have access to them from any device thanks to a synchronization system.

Google Drive also allows you to work in collaboration thanks to the sharing of documents and the dedicated workspaces that it makes available to you. However, there are also a number of downsides to this cloud storage provider.

First of all, you should know that while Google Drive offers you a limited version of its service which is free (you will have access to 15 GB of storage), its paid offers are quite expensive. Moreover, there is another aspect that may disappoint you about Google Drive: the security it gives to your documents.

Indeed, while the best services currently available encrypt the transfer and storage of your documents according to the AES 256-bit standard, at Google Drive, it is only the AES 128-bit standard that is used. Although not dramatic, it is still frustrating.

Similarly, be aware that Google Drive does not offer password protection for your documents, or even private encryption, which is the case with the best cloud storage providers.

The best alternative to Google Drive: pCloud

Since there are several reasons that might make you seriously consider alternatives to Google Drive for your online storage, we are going to present the two best ones. The first alternative to Google Drive that we are going to talk about is pCloud, an excellent online storage provider.

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The latter appeared in Switzerland in 2013, and since then it has established itself as a reference in this sector of activity. Today, pCloud has more than 10 million users, and we will immediately see that this is no coincidence, and that it is therefore the best possible alternative to Google Drive.

Why is pCloud the best alternative to Google Drive?

If we present pCloud to you as the best alternative to Google Drive, it is because the latter has something to seduce you. First of all, know that pCloud is very easy to use.

Indeed, this tool installs on all your devices (whether they run on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS or Linux) and allows you to synchronize your documents in order to have access to them from anywhere.

In addition, like Google Drive, pCloud offers a free and totally unlimited storage offer over time. This gives you the benefit of 10 GB of storage space, which can allow you to test the tool or store your documents permanently if your needs are not too great.

Where pCloud is more interesting than Google Drive is that its premium offers are much cheaper. Above all, pCloud offers “lifetime” subscriptions, which require a single payment for storage available for 99 years, which is very attractive.

Also, we saw that at Google Drive, the security was not optimal. At pCloud, you will not encounter this problem, since security is a priority with this provider.

The transfer and storage of your documents are encrypted according to the AES 256-bit standard and you can also take advantage of the pCloud Crypto option which allows you to define a private encryption that is unique to you. Also know that with pCloud, your documents are kept on three servers depending on three different datacenters so that you cannot lose them.

Finally, know that pCloud gives you access to 30 days of trash history so you never accidentally delete a file. You will agree, pCloud is the perfect alternative to Google Drive.

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Another alternative to Google Drive: kDrive

Although pCloud seems to be the best Google Drive alternative out there, you may also be interested in other options for your cloud storage. Among these, we would like to tell you about kDrive, which is also worth a look.


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The latter was developed in 2020 by the web host Infomaniak and has been able to develop impressively. It is also quite possible that you have come across it during your research because it is gaining more and more users every day. So let’s see without further ado how kDrive is a very good alternative to Google Drive.

The reasons that make kDrive a good alternative to Google Drive

For your online storage, and to replace Google Drive, you can seriously consider kDrive (our full kDrive review here). Just like pCloud, the latter is very easy to use and offers you applications adapted to all operating systems (Windows, macOS, Android, iOS and Linux).

With kDrive, you will be able to synchronize all your documents in order to find them on all your devices, which is very practical. As for the advantages of kDrive over Google Drive, we can already note that in terms of prices, kDrive is much more interesting, for equal storage space.

The latter also offers a free unlimited time offer. Moreover, at kDrive, the storage is expandable, and can go up to 106 TB, which is very important. Then, in terms of security, kDrive is also very satisfactory.

With this provider, you will benefit from advanced encryption of your documents (whether for transfer or storage) according to the AES-256 standard. This process is more advanced than the one used at Google Drive, which is another point in favor of kDrive.

Similarly, kDrive emphasizes your privacy. The latter uses data centers based in Switzerland and keeps absolutely no data about you or your stored documents, which is a very good thing.

Finally, know that kDrive also allows you to create documents (texts, spreadsheets or presentations). As you will have understood, kDrive is a very good alternative to Google Drive that deserves to be considered.

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