two years later, he’s still paying for a $116,000 Model X he doesn’t own

A Tesla customer who returned his Model X just days after buying it in 2020. Two years later, he’s still paying for it.

A man returned a Tesla Model X in 2020 under the automaker’s seven-day “no questions asked” return policy. He said thathe was still paying for the $116,000 vehicle more than two years later.

Tesla Model X – Credits: Tesla

In an interview with CNBC, Southern California resident Danny Roman described this long dispute with Tesla about the return of “his” car.

A disappointment to buy

Roman sells outings in kind and is very attached to ecology. He chose Tesla because he wanted to minimize his carbon footprint. He purchased a new Tesla Model X and received delivery of the car on February 28, 2020. However, after a few days he found several problems on the vehicle. Notably, a shorter battery life than expected and a problematic door handle. The charging time was also better than promised during the sale, and installing a home charger was much more expensive than he expected.

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Three days later he informed the company that he was making the SUV electric under the seven-day no questions asked policy that Tesla CEO Elon Musk was touting at the time. Tesla picked up the car in March 2020, and a Tesla representative reportedly promised that his refund would be processed quickly.

Instead of that, several weeks later, he received a service alert from Tesla telling him to pick up the Model X. The alert explained that the vehicle had been repaired and was at a service center in California.

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Roman told CNBC that at one point he stopped paying for the car for a month. Only, Tesla not having validated the reimbursement, he consequently collected penalties from his bank. He therefore chose to continue to pay. “ Whenever money is sucked from my account, every month I cringe “.

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Todays time, Roman continues to pay for the Model X. However, such media coverage should convince Tesla to review the situation a little more seriously.

Source: CNBC

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