VE: Taycan and Megane stationary, Ioniq 5 rewarded, Tesla Roadster back and Model Y “SR+”

The chip crisis never ends, and manufacturers are forced to slow down or even completely stop their production time to get the valuable components. This is the case at Porsche, which has only just restarted its factories producing the Taycan, after weeks of shutdown; but the damage is done: the deadlines now run for more than a year depending on the configurations. With 9,470 copies sold since the start of 2022the Porsche Taycan continues to sell well – and we understand why, if you watched our test!

At Renault, it’s the opposite: while the demand is there, the Douai site is forced to stop production of the all-new Mégane E-Tech, which has only just arrived at the first customers. For the time being, this technical unemployment would only last from April 14 to 25, but the 2,300 employees remain dependent on the supply of components. What a pity when sales should have been at their highest by the summer!

Here is our test of the Renault Megane E-Tech!

We continue at Hyundai, whose Ioniq 5 has just won the trophy of World car prices (World Car of the Year), another cousin of the car of the year Europeanarrogated this year by its little sister, the Kia EV6! Obviously, the press of the Old Continent is more critical about the terms of this award, mostly American (only one Frenchman is on the jury). Note that the Mustang Mach-E and the Kia EV6 are also on the Podium, proof that electric power now seems essential for this type of election, where thermals are very rare. If you haven’t seen our test of the Ioniq 5 yet, now is the time to discover all the technologies below aboard this model, which hides many surprises…

Here is our test of the Hyundai Ioniq 5!

We return to Europe, with the average CO2 emissions of vehicles sold which have just fallen below the 100 g/km mark. Yet it is an American brand that steals the leading position (Tesla), just ahead of Renault (cocorico) and Hyundai. It must be said that electric power is on the rise this year, with a market share close to diesel, and which continues to increase. France is still far from Norway (16.9 g), with a very respectable 97.8 gright in the middle, but slightly above Germany, with 94.3 g.

We end with two facts about Tesla! First, the builder has reopened reservations around the Roadster, its ultra-sporty little coupe. It will be necessary to advance 4000€ by CBthen a second payment of €39,000 to be paid by bank transfer within 10 days in the hope of becoming one of the first customers. The machine should be sold around €250,000 including tax, a straw given the performance and autonomy promised. On the other hand, no very precise date is announced by Elon Musk, who all the same seems finally consider marketing before the end of 2023.

VE: Taycan and Mégane stopped, Ioniq 5 compensated, Tesla Roadster back and Model Y

At last, we know a little more about the Tesla Model Y Autonomy Standard that Tesla is preparing in secret. This model would therefore carry a 68 kWh battery in 4680 format, against 82 kWh for the Long Autonomy version currently sold in the USA. A Long Autonomy version with 4680 batteries also seems plannedand which could therefore exceed 600Km WLTP. Remember that in Europe, the versions offered for sale (and produced in China or Berlin) do not yet have this latest generation of batteries, but offer a 77kWh pack with 533km WLTP, which remains quite honorable.

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