VIDEO – This BMW 3.0 CSi Restomod hides a Tesla engine

If you don’t want to see some classic BMWs disappear, you might prefer to see them convert to electric. No offense to the purists.

BMW E9s were not known for their resistance to rust. In fact, they were infamous for dissolving like sugar the minute they touched water. This example, which looked more like a pile of rust, has been refurbished and converted to electric power. Richard and his team at Electric Classic Cars have refurbished this 1970s BMW 3.0CSi ‘E9’ with technology from a Tesla, plus a ‘Batmobile’ body kit from a CSL. Richard describes the E9 as a “basket” when he found it. She was pierced everywhere. It had been stored with the sunroof open while the roof of the garage had a water leak. This quickly transformed the BMW into an aquarium. The interior was destroyed, but also the chassis and the floor.

Of course, if you look under the hood, you won’t find a 3.0-litre straight-six. Instead, there is part of a battery from a Tesla Model S P85. The battery pack is divided into two parts, the rest of the cells were installed in the trunk. The electric motor is also from a Tesla and is where the rear differential used to be. A set of Alpina rims completes the look of the car.

What power ?

A stock CSL would have developed just 203 horsepower and 292 Nm of torque. But that number has more than doubled to 450 horsepower and 450nm of torque. The result of the engine change is a 0 to 100 km/h in just 3 seconds. The whole offers more than 200 miles of autonomy, or about 320 km. The brakes have been upgraded to accommodate the extra weight of the car. Richard says the car is slightly heavier than a stock CSL with a full tank of gas, but that doesn’t show thanks to good weight distribution.

The restomod required almost two years of work, and after all this time, Richard wanted to take it on the road. So by car! Don’t be surprised by the noise, there is none.

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