VIDEO – This driver did not understand how her Tesla works

This driver will have a hard time finding a way to fill up with gas with her Tesla Model S. No need to tell you why!

The video below is filmed at a gas station. A motorist waits his turn and queues to access the fuel pumps. But in front of him, he noticed a driver with a strange behavior to say the least.

The latter indeed came to the service station with a Tesla Model S, the large sedan from the American manufacturer known for its electric cars. She’s picked up a gas gun and appears to be looking for the gas tank port on her Tesla. Inevitably, the scene is a little incongruous…

Not up to date

Obviously, she is simply not aware that her car is electric. And that you will have to go somewhere other than a gas pump to refuel your Tesla with energy. And during this time, the driver behind waits while filming the scene!

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