what impact for european customers?

The shutdown of production at the Shanghai factory appears to be protracted for Tesla, with many vehicles unable to be produced. Will delivery delays be expected for Europe?

A Tesla Model Y in a Gigafactory // Source: Tesla

Despite having recently reassured people who follow the brand’s news that production would resume as soon as possible, Tesla had no choice but to extend the closure of its Gigafactory in Shanghai, which is expected to last a few more days at best.

The pandemic that continues to impact Tesla

If until now the manufacturer had been able to hold its own among the various car manufacturers, between shortage of components and raw materials, then production suspensions due to Covid-19, it is clear that the zero Covid policy applied in Shanghai will make him reconsider his plans.

With an estimated production of 2,000 vehicles per day, this will leave a deficit of around 24,000 Tesla Model 3 and Model Y for Elon Musk’s firm, which had plans to easily exceed one million cars produced in 2022.

The Chinese Gigafactory is still shut down: what impact for European customers?
Teslas stored near Shanghai’s Luchao port

Indeed, if production restarts this Friday, April 8, which corresponds to the most optimistic case according to local reports, it will be twelve days since the factory was shut down. But it is likely that the lockdown in the city of Shanghai will continue, and that workers will not be able to resume their activities within the Gigafactory this Friday, given that the extension of the lockdown has been decided by local authorities, undated planned end.

The Berlin plant cannot currently compensate for the lack

This comes as Tesla has just opened its Gigafactory in Berlin, which currently only delivers Tesla Model Y Performance to Europe. The Tesla Model 3 and the Tesla Model Y Grande Autonomie are still manufactured in Shanghai, before being transported to the old continent by boat. The 24,000 or so units missing could thus push back the delivery dates for some European buyers, although this has not yet been announced on the manufacturer’s website for the moment.

Tesla_Giga Berlin1
Source: Tesla

The Tesla Model 3 ordered today are still expected in France from next August in the best case, just like the Model Y if we are to believe the online configurator of the firm of Elon Musk. We will keep a close eye on the dates in the coming weeks, to check if the production stoppage in China will have had a significant impact on the estimated delivery times.

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