What is the average cost of home insurance in 2022?

As every year, Assurland reveals the average prices of home insurance, region by region. These contribution amounts come from the 35,000 home insurance quotes that were obtained on our home insurance comparator between January 1 and December 31, 2021.

Increase in the average contribution for houses

The very first finding is that the average price is up compared to last year, excluding apartments. In 2021, insuring a house cost on average 252 euros per year. This year, it will take 260 euros for one year (+3.17%).

On the side of the apartments, the contributions remain stable: like last year, it will be necessary to pay on average 180 euros to cover his house. This constancy in collective housing seems partly to be explained by the fact that houses are more exposed to one of the main factors of increase: natural disasters.

This increase from one year to the next is in fact part of a continuity of cumulative increases over the past ten years, due in large part to climatic causes. As our study indeed revealed last week, home insurance prices have increased by 33% since 2010more than twice as much as inflation over the period (+13.2%).

In question: the lack of maintenance of housing, following the various periods of economic recession, the resurgence of thefts, in particular in certain regions, but, above all, the increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters.


Natural disasters: an escalating loss experience

The latter are indeed more and more expensive for insurers, because each year they affect more households or cause greater damage. In 2021, the damage caused by natural events has just been estimated at $4.7 billion by the reinsurer Swiss Re, compared to 900 million dollars in 2020.

It must be said that the past year has been particularly devastating. According to Swiss Re, this is the second most expensive year for Europe in terms of insured losses caused by “cat nat”. The problem remains that this share of covered damage remains low: of the 4.7 billion dollars of destruction, only about a quarter was insured.

Above all, forecasts are pessimistic about the occurrence of such disasters in the future. Three major insurance players (the ACPR, France Assureurs, and the Covéa group) have all recently concluded a increase in claims by 2050, especially for droughts and floods. As a reminder, it was the July 2021 floods that weighed the most on the cost of claims last year.

A north-west / south-east tariff divide

Logically, therefore, it is the regions most exposed to these hazards (the south-east) that must pay the highest contributions. Thus regions PACA and Occitania, which show the largest increases since 2010 with respectively +33.3% and +40.6%.

However, it is good France’s Island which remains the most expensive region to insure housing, with an average cost of 242 euros per year (+ 32% compared to 2010). Here, the price of cover follows that, structurally on the rise, of real estate in the Ile-de-France region: the most expensive accommodation is the most expensive to insure.

Conversely, it is in Brittany that home insurance premiums are on average the cheapest. More broadly, it is the three regions located furthest to the West (Brittany, Normandy, Pays de la Loire) that have seen the lowest price changes since 2010.

How to pay less for your home insurance?

Of course, the cost of coverage is also linked to the formula chosen. The more warranty it contains, the higher the price. In the quotes of our Internet users, we notice thata majority (56%) opt for a basic formulawhich generally includes civil liability, water damage, theft, fire, and cat nat, with an indemnity for obsolescence deducted in the event of a claim.

The other half of Internet users opt for a superior formula, which includes additional guarantees (electrical damage, glass breakage, valuables, etc.) and replacement of furniture on the basis of replacement value. This option costs approximately 20 to 25% more expensive.

Thus, to be sure to benefit from the most covering formulas at the best price, it is recommended to periodically request home insurance quotes online: “Going around the market every eighteen to twenty-four months makes it possible to find more interesting offers. », explains Olivier Moustacakis, co-founder of Assurland.com.

And to make sure you don’t pay more than the average, here is the breakdown of all the contribution amounts by region.

Average price of home insurance by region

Regions Average price evolution since 2010
Brittany 171 € +18.75%
Pays de la Loire 179% +19.33%
Burgundy Franche-Comte 188 € +27.89%
Normandy 190 € +25%
Great East 193 € +31.29%
Loire Valley Center 197€ +27.92%
New Aquitaine 204€ +30.77%
Auvergne Rhône-Alpes 205 € +28.13%
Hauts-de-France 207 € +30.19%
Occitania 232 € +40.61%
PACA 240 € +33.33%
Ile-de-France 242 € +32.24%
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