what should I do if I receive an activation email?

Have you received an email from Health Insurance about “My health space”? Here’s why and what to do.

“Your My Health Space service has been created “: this is the message that some Internet users have received in their mailbox as reported Actu.fr. But while Health Insurance is regularly subject to identity theft and we have constantly alerted you to the dangers of “phishing” type scams that are hidden in emails or SMS, this one, at otherwise, has been generated by Health Insurance and invites you to confirm the activation of your Digital Health Space 48 hours later, whether you did it yourself or not.

However, beware of fraudulent emails! A message appears at the top of the home page of My Health Space, which is the target of scammers, like the CAF, certain banks and even the Public Health France organization. Remember to check the sender’s address carefully. The following address should appear: [email protected] Otherwise, do not enter any information and do not reply to this email, it is phishing!

“Fraudulent canvassing by e-mail and SMS that usurps the name of My health space exists. Whether by SMS or e-mail, My health space never asks you for bank details or password. To report illegal content, log on to Internet-signalement.gouv.fr« we read.

How do I connect to My health space?

Since the beginning of 2022, the Ministry of Health has launched Mon Espace Santé Numérique, a Health Insurance platform (Ameli.fr) which also exists in the form of a mobile application, on which you can find all its medical related information. This dematerialized health record replaces the Shared Medical Record (DMP) and still requires a minimum of steps to be taken.

In fact, to connect to your space, you have to go to the site and press the “Activate my space” button. Take your vital card and enter the information requested (Social Security number, provisional code to be generated, date of birth) and in connection with your health profile such as your allergies, your treatments and vaccinations. It will take you a few minutes of your time.

Note that the Health Insurance has invited you to create this space, by email or post. Without response from you within 6 weeks from the sending of the mail, your digital space has been created automatically.

After entering all your personal information, an email will automatically be sent to your inbox.

Who is My Health Space intended for?

My 2022 health space is intended for all insured persons wishing to find, classify and store their medical documents in one and the same place. All health insurance schemes are concerned: employees, self-employed workers, students, farmers, etc. Health professionals also have access to your space, since they can drag documents into it: you will be informed by notification.

How to refuse the digital health space?

You may not want to create your digital space. When you receive the letter from the Health Insurance informing you of the creation of your space, you can object to this action. But in the absence of a response from you, your space has still been created. Don’t panic, you can always close your account!

To close your Digital Health Space, you must:

  • Log in for the first time with your identifiers on the website
  • Go to the “Settings” tab
  • Click on “close profile”

You can also dial 3422 (free service + cost of a call) Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to close your Digital Health Center with the help of an advisor. You will need your vital card and your provisional code.

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