what to worry about the Tesla Model S?

The new Volkswagen ID.Aero is based on the size of the Tesla Model S. But does it have as many assets as the Californian to worry about?

Volkswagen ID. Aero (2022) – Four years after being promised to us through a concept car, called ID. Vizzion, the very first 100% electric sedan from Volkswagen unveils its almost definitive contours, under the name of ID. Aero. A prototype close to the production model, but still lacking in technical specificities.

After favoring the launch of a compact (ID.3), two SUVs (ID.4 and ID.5) and even a van (ID.Buzz), Volkswagen is finally opposed frontally to Tesla, in the field of very large sedans. And more particularly against the Model S to which it responds with a similar jig almost 5 meters long. Youth bonus for the German against a Californian who will have an 11-year career next year when the ID is launched. Aero. But the icon of Elon Musk still has beautiful remains.

Not so Aero?

The Wolfsburg sedan will inevitably be expected at the turn, with such a name. If its caerodynamic drag coefficient (0.23) impresses, with regard to a lambda sedan, this one fits very exactly on that of the Tesla Model S… before 2021. But since then, the American has cleverly rectified its plastic to lower its Cd to 0.208.

Tough competition

Another disappointment for the newcomer from Volkswagen, its autonomy does not intend to do better than 620 km WLTP when the Model S raises this measurement to 637 km, at a minimum. To ensure this distance, the ID. Aero relies on a 77 kWh battery, but does not mention the power level of the electromotive that will mutate it. We learn, on the other hand, that it is based on the SEM platform which already benefits the entire ID range. Technologically less advanced than that released by its cousins ​​Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT (PPE), it cannot claim to recharge as quickly as the latter, for lack of a sufficient voltage level. And the argument of the more generalist positioning will not last long against the future Hyundai Ioniq 6 which will inherit the 800 V from the Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. Moreover, for the moment, Volkswagen does not extend on the load capacities of its newborn.

China first

Assembled at factory in Emden, Germany, for the European and North American markets, the ID. Aero will primarily target China for its commercial growth, where it will also be produced. In our latitudes, we regret that Volkswagen did not prioritize the launch of a better sized model, in particular to counter the Tesla Model 3, 4.70 m long.

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