When a Tesla Model S raced an F1 and a fighter jet

A few years ago a funny speed race between several types of vehicles took place in Turkey. This pitted a Tesla Model S against a racing motorcycle, an F1, a superbike, a fighter plane and a jet. But who won this crazy competition?

TheTesla Model S P100DL, un real electric racing car

Tesla-branded vehicles aren’t really known for their speed records, but rather for their range. The fact remains that the manufacturer developed a racing vehicle a few years ago: the Tesla Model S P100DL. In 2018, after its release, it notably participated in the Electric GT championship.

Some of its characteristics are quite surprising for an electric car. You should indeed know that the Tesla Model S P100DL makes 795 hp and is capable of performing a 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.1 seconds. Autonomy has also been reworked for the occasion and allows you to maintain a racing pace over a distance of around 90 km.

The same year as its entry into the Electric GT championship, the Tesla also took part in a very surprising speed race in Istanbul (Turkey). The video to watch at the end of the article shows the electric racing car opposing very different vehicles.

The seven craft fought with all their might.
Credits: capture YouTube / Global News

Cars, a motorbike and… planes!

On the starting line, we therefore find the Tesla Model S P100DL, but also a Formula 1 Red Bull, a Kawasaki Ninja H2R motorcycle as well as two supercars, a Lotus Evora and an Aston Martin Vantage. Let us also mention the rather incongruous presence of a General Dynamics F-16 fighter jet and a Bombardier Challenger 605 jet.

With its strong acceleration capability, the Tesla has placed directly in frontbut the Kawasaki very quickly regained the upper hand, just like Formula 1. The race was over a distance of 400 meters and the Kawasaki crossed the finish line in first position, followed very closely by Formula 1 to just 0.04 seconds. In third position, completing the podium, we find the F-16 fighter plane.

Finally, a word about the winner, the famous Kawasaki Ninja H2R driven here by Kenan Sofuoglu, the former Supersport world champion. Embarking 326 hp, this racing car can reach 400 km/h. The specialized website MotoPlanète has published a very detailed sheet of this motorcycle sometimes referred to as a dragster.

Here is the video of the race published by Global News:

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