where to find them, what are the dangers and how to protect yourself

Ticks are back in nature, with the arrival of fine weather and rising temperatures. But where can we really cross their path? What are the dangers of their bites and how to protect yourself from them? Answers with Olivier Duval, entomologist and member of Mayenne nature environnement.

Where can ticks be found?

Ticks are found in tall grass, in medium-high vegetation. Ticks live in “height” to be more easily in contact during the passage of an animal or a human and cling to their host. They can be found in forests or forest edges, especially fern areas. Also in unmown meadows.

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When are we likely to cross paths with this arachnid?

Mainly during “hot” periods: spring and summer.

How to protect yourself from ticks that are found in nature?

Avoid walking in the vegetation with shorts and stay on paths that are mowed and maintained. Ticks are likely to attach themselves when the body is in contact with vegetation. After a walk in nature, it is then necessary to check if there are no ticks on the body, especially for children.

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What actions should be taken when a tick is attached to you?

To remove it, it is important not to tear it off: in this case, you risk breaking the tick and leaving the head there. There are special tick tweezers to remove it cleanly. It is then necessary to turn this tool clockwise. You can also seek advice from a pharmacist.

What are the dangers of tick bites?

A tick bite can cause redness, itching and swelling. Ticks infected with bacteria can also transmit Lyme disease (or Lyme borreliosis).

Ticks are out this summer: where to find them, what are the dangers and how to protect yourself

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