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The auto insurance sector is still little known. This is unfortunate, especially since the French spend on average more than 600 euros per year. Even if the rule “The more your car is expensive, the more expensive the insurance” remains largely generalized, strong disparities according to the place of residence or even the brands still survive.

Which cars cost the most in auto insurance?

The best-selling city cars at the back of the pack

The Peugeot 208 and the Renault Clio are among the best-selling cars every year. However, they are very poorly ranked in the ranking of the cheapest vehicles to insure. Slightly less popular models, such as the Dacia Sandero or the Toyota Yaris, on the contrary, settle on the highest steps of the podium of city cars.

This category is popular with young drivers. The latter are not spoiled by insurance companies because of their high claims, which explains the high prices. Other badly classified models, like the Audi A1, pay their high price and the wealth of their equipment.

Attractive foreign minivans

These models are used more by experienced drivers, whose loss experience is lower than that of young drivers. Despite their higher prices, they therefore display more reasonable insurance rates.

Foreigners lead the dance, with the Fiat 500L in first place, followed closely by the Ford B-Max and the Dacia Lodgy. The Romanian brand therefore stands out once again.

Renault stands out among compact SUVs

Renault gets the gold medal and is a short head ahead of the Seat Ateca. As always, the German models remain at the back of the pack. They pay for their premium options and high selling price.

Toyota and Dacia monopolize the compact podium

It is now a constant: Dacia shines and remains at the top, whatever the car category. This time, it’s the Logan that wins, with an insurance cost half that of the eternal red lanterns. Indeed, prices are soaring for the Germans: the BMW 1 Series, the Mercedes Class A and the Audi A3.

The prices are generally attractive, because the profile of the buyers of these cars are generally bonus drivers, rather experienced. Young people are very underrepresented.

France at the top of the urban SUV ranking

Once is not custom, the French models lead the dance in a very tight classification. The C3 Aircross wins the gold medal, followed shortly by the Renault Captur. At the bottom of the ranking, the BMW X1 and the Mercedes GLA.

A surprising result for sedans

Car insurance rates are generally high for sedans, in proportion to their high purchase cost. This time, it is surprisingly a German, the Audi A4 which is placed at the top of the classification. BMW and Mercedes are vying for last place.

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