why choose it using an insurance comparator?

In France, every car has the obligation to be insured. However, many vehicles used for personal or professional purposes remain poorly insured. Their owners are then little protected against possible financial losses resulting from accidents. Namely: in France, the minimum compulsory car insurance is the Civil Liability guarantee, which covers damage caused to a third party.

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Drivers who drive without car insurance are exposed to heavy penalties: financial penalties, license suspension or withdrawal, driving ban, confiscation of the vehicle, etc. Fortunately, learning about the different car insurance available on the market and selecting the best option has become easy. Nothing could be simpler: just use an insurance comparator car.

What is an insurance comparator?

One car insurance comparator is an online tool that simplifies the search for and choice of car insurance, by evaluating and comparing proposals from different insurers.

The car insurance comparator is based on the information you send it to offer you a range of offers likely to suit you. Once the search has been launched, you access a list of car insurance policies that match your search criteria. All you have to do is compare the guarantees and the prices offered in order to select the insurance that perfectly meets your needs. The main advantage of online car insurance comparators? You no longer need to travel to compare offers from different insurers!

Take advantage of a personalized car insurance simulation

The questionnaires imposed by car insurance comparators give access to tailor-made insurance offers. It doesn’t matter whether you are an experienced driver or a young driver… An online car insurance comparator will be able to offer you suitable insurance models. Here are some examples of information requested by insurance comparators before each simulation:

  • type of vehicle (engine, registration, make or model, etc.);
  • date of entry into service of the vehicle;
  • vehicle purchase date;
  • type of use (professional, personal, etc.);
  • kilometers traveled and frequency ofuse ;
  • parking mode;
  • current bonus-malus;
  • geographical location, etc.

Thanks to this valuable information, an online car insurance comparator is able to present you with an extremely comprehensive overview of the offers currently available on the insurance market.

Access to cheaper car insurance

The price of car insurance results from these main elements:

  • experience of the insured driver;
  • selected guarantees;
  • vehicle model;
  • geographic location.

However, the rates applied from one insurance organization to another can be extremely variable.

Thus, an auto insurance comparator has the advantage of offering you unlimited, free and non-binding quotes. An excellent opportunity to take all your time to compare insurers and their offers… In order to choose car insurance that corresponds to your budget and the level of guarantees expected.

Are you looking for cheap car insurance? In this case, the use of an insurance comparator is strongly recommended! It will allow you to have a clear and quick view of the different insurance contracts available, their advantages and their disadvantages.

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