Why do antivirus vendors offer crypto mining services?

Real and legitimate questions about the practice

The mining of cryptocurrencies is still debated, and this in many respects: financially, a particular user does not really benefit from it. The environmental aspect is also highly decried. Moreover, this practice can damage a machine more quickly. We come back to the main flaws of cryptocurrency mining, and the reasons why it is still more controversial in 2022.

A truly profitable business?

It would be illusory to rely on Avira or Norton to become rich. Mining Ethereum should only bring users a few euros per month, unless you have a machine powerful enough to make any profit. In 2022, mining virtual currencies is no longer an activity that could be considered lucrative for an individual who only has a personal machine.

Worse, taking into account the fact that mining is particularly energy-intensive, it can quickly increase the electricity bill of targeted households. In other words, in the case of an individual, mining could potentially repay the rising electricity bill, but not much more. Finally, it is important to mention that in France, gains related to crypto activities do not escape taxation, and fall under non-commercial profits to be declared to taxes…

In reality, this practice is not profitable for the individual, but it can quickly become very lucrative for the company that allows it: if ten thousand Avira or Norton users use mining via their platform, then the profits can become substantial thanks to the 15% mining fee imposed.

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