Why Google and Apple Might Have Trouble With India’s Antitrust Watchdog

The final outcome of this case could impact similar cases in the future, potentially against Apple as well. However, this comes with a few caveats.

Apple uses user privacy protocols as a defense to resist any changes to its app store software architecture.

Unlike courts, whose decisions are accepted as precedents under the Constitution, regulators have no legal obligation to be consistent in their reasoning with respect to their prior decisions.

“In the short term, the ICC could strive to be consistent with this reasoning. But in the long run, it would ultimately depend on whether the Supreme Court would bless the decision when deciding the appeal against her,” Wilson said.

“But, even so, they are doing their best to try to be as consistent as possible – until a High Court/Supreme Court ruling invalidates their position and forces the regulator to pivot,” he said. -he declares.

(With contributions from The Economic Times and Bloomberg)

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