Why has the number of people considering laptop insurance increased lately? ๐Ÿ“

The laptop is an integral part of the lives of digital nomads (or digital nomads) but also of company employees doing telework. If the latter generally have a computer provided by their employer, they can sometimes โ€“ like the digital nomads โ€“ use their own equipment. From the beginning to the end of the day, the laptop therefore embodies for many people the main work and communication tool.

How then can we manage to treat this daily companion with all the respect he deserves? This is the question that it is legitimate to ask when acquiring a device: I have just bought a laptop computer, what should I do? First, make sure it is well insured! Faced with the importance it has, the laptop is now part of the goods that users seek to protect, like the car or housing. But why should you insure your laptop and why are more and more people doing it?

All your information is in the laptop

The first reason that comes to mind is very simple: the laptop contains all the information you use on a daily basis. Access to bank accounts, payments, professional or personal content, softwareโ€ฆ It is not possible to lose all of this data. This is why you generally protect yourself by copying this information to the cloud or external hard drives. However, you cannot use this data if you do not have a computer at hand.

This is when the interest of having laptop insurance comes into play: generally, the conditions offered by insurers give you the right to access a new device or a repair for your device. defective very quickly. Having an immediate alternative solution removes a lot of hassle: no need to release money that was not intended for this purpose. The insurance intervenes quickly and covers this inconvenience, so you can return to your projects with complete peace of mind.

The cost of a high-performance laptop computer being generally high, it is difficult to be able to repeat this kind of investment often. It is therefore recommended to invest a reasonable amount of money each month to cover yourself in the event of breakdown or theft rather than having to spend a large amount at once.

Working outdoors weakens the material

Mobility: This is undoubtedly the main reason why laptop users insure their equipment. By definition, the laptop is carried wherever you need it. However, in recent times, the use of teleworking has increased and many people are working remotely. This mobility therefore creates more risks: the equipment can more easily be damaged during travel. Stuck in a bag or slipping fingers to land on a hard floor, the laptop breaks more easily if it leaves the desk.

Similarly, working outside, such as in a public place, exposes equipment more to covetousness: thefts from libraries, cafes or restaurants are commonplace, because people sometimes leave their tables to go to the toilet or have a drink. phone, leaving the laptop unattended. It can also be pickpocketing on the street or in the car.

Mobility also has an impact on the conservation of equipment. For example, a humid or very sunny environment can damage your laptop. If the precautions (screen protection, avoid exposure to the sun, transport in airtight bags, restarting the machine, etc.) are essential to preserve your laptop, certain hazards cannot be avoided and you will therefore be happy to have a warranty for your device.

Be careful, however, not to expose yourself to unpleasant surprises when you take out special insurance. Already, be careful not to duplicate your coverage: credit card, home or auto insurance can sometimes cover certain claims or thefts in a car, while traveling or at home. Warranty exclusions should also be studied carefully, as they can create unpleasant surprises when an incident occurs. Certain causes are sometimes excluded from the guarantees and ceilings may be applied.

Be that as it may, foresight is a mark of wisdom. Be careful with your equipment and vigilant about its conservation and transport to be as serene as possible.

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