with a Yoke steering wheel, like the Tesla Model S

Within two weeks, Lexus will present its new electric SUV, the RZ 450e. Today we discover part of its interior, including a Yoke steering wheel.

Lexus prepares to unveil its second 100% electric SUVa model that should be a little more successful than the UX 300e which is today the only electric model in the range.

the Lexus RZ450ethat’s its name, will be revealed in two weeks, and the Japanese firm is already giving some details about its future model. After a first series of images, and especially the LF-Z Electrified concept car which prefigures the style of the car, Lexus unveils another burst of images with in particular a photo of the cabin.

Lexus and Tesla, same fight?

Interestingly, this model will have the right the famous Yoke-type steering wheela somewhat peculiar steering wheel shape that sparked buzz a little over a year ago when it was introduced on the new generation of Tesla Model S and Model X.

If you follow automotive news diligently, you are probably aware that this form of steering wheel was used by Toyota on its bZ4X in China.

In addition to the rather original aesthetic aspect, this steering wheel also has a technical utility, since it offers more legroom while allowing the driver to make a 150 degree turn without having to move his hands.

The optional Yoke steering wheel?

Rest assured, if you are interested in the car, but a little less in its Yoke steering wheel, Lexus should only offer it as an option. A more classic steering wheel should be available as standard. For its part, Tesla decided from the start to impose it on all its new customers, but the American firm could backtrack and offer both forms of steering wheel in the catalog.

The Lexus RZ 450e will technically be based on the same foundations as the Toyota bZ4X. The materials used will be more premium, the technologies more present, and the powertrain should be the same, but with potentially a few more equines in the RZ. Reply on April 20.

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