With “multisearch”, Google illustrates its total superiority over search!

Google is experimenting with “multisearch”.

I glimpsed a few days ago in my emails the new “multisearch” function of Google. This experimental feature makes it possible, for example, to launch a search on a photo taken from your smartphone with “Lens” and to combine it with text! The potential seems huge.

In its blog post, Google doesn’t cut corners: “How many times have you tried to find the perfect piece of clothing or instructions on how to take care of a plant that someone told you? offered, but you didn’t have all the words to describe what you were looking for,” he wonders before offering his services.

An easy-to-use solution

“We’re introducing you to a whole new way to search: using text and images simultaneously. With multiple search in Lens, you can go beyond the search field and ask questions about what you see,” writes the powerful search engine, unmatched to date! But how does it work?

“To get started, all you need to do is open the Google app on Android or iOS, tap the Lens camera icon, and find one of your screenshots or take a photo of the world around you, like the stylish wallpaper pattern of your local cafe. Then swipe up and hit the “+ Add to your search” button to add text,” it clarifies.

In the testing phase…

Unfortunately, European mobile users will have to wait… “This feature is available in beta version in English in the United States, with the best results for shopping searches,” says Google, visibly interested in the financial aspect of such potential. …

“We’re also exploring how this feature could be enhanced by MUM — our latest model of AI in search — to improve results for any questions you could imagine asking.” Furthermore, it notes that “the video format is not supported”. A clue for the future? To be continued!

Xavier Studier

We sometimes hear various criticisms of Google, particularly on the issue of privacy. That said, how is it that these critical minds, without any economic model moreover, fail to innovate and offer solutions such as those presented above? There really is work in our old Europe…

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