Your cash protection specialist (by RiskAssur edited by FRANOL Services)

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Your cash protection specialist

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Nowadays, it is necessary to take out insurance in order to protect our assets. Whether it is real estate, a vehicle such as a car, motorbike or motorhome, or valuables such as jewelry or even works of art (paintings, vases, sculptures, etc.). It is essential to have insurance to be able to benefit from financial compensation in the event of damage, theft or degradation.

To meet everyone’s needs, the Allianz group remains at the forefront of innovation to attract new customers. This is why the group has set up new offers. If you are running your own company or business, Allianz Trade is for you.

Why protect your cash?

In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult to embark on a business creation project. Why ? Banks are more wary of releasing funds without having a strong case. Sometimes the fear of putting your life savings into a professional project at the risk of losing everything can simply prevent you from taking the plunge. Everyone notices that the price of the raw material increases regardless of the professional environment. Whether you are in the field of construction, whether you are a baker or a plumber, the bills keep skyrocketing. What everyone is able to notice in their environment and also a reality in companies. This is why insurance companies now provide everyone with methods to ensure the protection of the investment of a lifetime.

What are the benefits of this coverage?

In all households, without exception, was noticed the decrease in purchasing power. This decline unfortunately has major consequences for the citizen and therefore for the entrepreneur. People have changed the way they consume. Despite their efforts, they sometimes find themselves in delicate situations. Every employer has already been faced with an unpaid bill. Whether it is a non-payment or a refused bank check, this situation is far from pleasant, it is even distressing. The fear of having to give up on this cash flow to meet the expenses incurred during the service is not very reassuring. This is where credit insurance comes in.

It allows you to protect yourself and offers you coverage on unpaid bills. In some circles, employers are increasingly confronted with this situation. From now on, thanks to the support of Allianz, they will no longer be alone to face this inconvenience.


In a country where the economy is in serious crisis, it is important to be able to carry out personal projects that are close to your heart. Nevertheless, it is necessary to put the odds on your side in order to ensure unwavering protection. This is why you should not hesitate to surround yourself with insurance professionals. From the slightest doubt on any problem or even a simple routine question, they are there to support you. So don’t hesitate any longer. Yesterday’s dreams make today’s projects and tomorrow’s creations



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