Your Tesla may need to go back to the garage

Due to a problem with the front bonnet attachment which can cause it to open unexpectedly at high speed, Tesla Model S and Model 3 sold in France between 2014 and 2021 will have to go back to the garage.

The problem affects both the Tesla Model S and the Model 3. If you own a copy of these two models built between 2014 and 2021, you may have to go back to the garage as part of a new recall campaign organized by the Californian manufacturer.

This time, the problem is at the level of the fasteners of the front cover of the Model S and Model 3. At high speed, the air rushing into the gills before causing vibrations which, in the most extreme cases, can make jump the front bonnet locking system. There is then nothing to prevent it from opening violently, with all the risks that implies.

Check if your Tesla is affected

To find out if your copy is affected, you must go to the Tesla website where a page allows you to enter the identification number of the car in order to check if it is part of the batch of models affected by the problem (if Tesla has not already contacted you to report it).

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